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Choosing a new kindergarten for your children is never an easy one. In spite of your positive feelings for the kindergarten, may you still wonder whether your child likes and integrates well into the new environment?

If you think so (like many other young parents), take your child to visit and experience at IRIS!

The duration of your visit and experience will give you and your child the opportunity to more fully evaluate the international educational environment and curriculum at IRIS. IRIS Professional Teachers will review your baby’s development and discuss with you a development strategy that best suits your baby.

IRIS wants you to be confident of your decision and your child’s experience at IRIS, because not just a preschool, IRIS will be your loving second warm family.

Program details

The program of visitation, practical experience will be IRIS held daily.

We promote the safety and health of your children. Therefore, the school requires all parents to fill out admission information sheets, although they only visit, experience. The reason for this is that the school can maintain the experience of the baby before and after school, making it easier for the child to integrate into the new environment.

Teachers at IRIS will announce their situation to their parents. Experts at IRIS will also assess the level of development of the baby and meet parents at the end of the visit, experience to advise the development plan for the baby.