Why did choose Iris?

Iris has chosen the Mother Goose Time curriculum of America that comes with exciting challenges, diverse tools and effective program. It is suitable for children to develop their maximum ability.

Understanding and sharing, iris total monthly fees (including meal fee) are extremely reasonable from 6.2 million (VND) in order to match the hope: to create a good environment for children’s playing and learning at the early age, to become international citizens for their future – reasonable fee with high performing results.

Children will have a chance to interact with native English speaking teachers from England, America, Australia… from the time you drop your child off to the time you pick them up.

They will have analytical thinking skills, self- study skills, and basic/advanced life skills through extra classes.

To help children form good habits in communication: being social with friends, know how to control emotion.

Nutrition is the thing that can not be lacking for a child’s early life as well as for physical activities. Iris supplies good food with clean original, nutritional organic process to help children absorb nutrition. This helps children have a strong immune system, and stay at their healthiest.

Iris campuses – are built on the big grounds in high-class residential areas that are convenient for travel. All Iris campuses have invested in good equipment that follows high standards.

Systems for rooms, playgrounds, and types of equipment are designed following the slogan – well design and full natural sunshine.

A system of chairs and tables meet the standard, learning material and toys also to meet the international standard. All of them are suitable for different educational purposes.

The big playground satisfies children’s desire with activities & games in sunny space to help children develop physically

The adorable garden for children to plant their own plants, where they’ll water and harvest themselves.

Wide and professional rooms, floors are designed with shockproof, scratch-resistant soft materials.

Large sand yard with high quality play and shaping tools.

The camera system can help parents watch the children’s movement anywhere and at any time.

Journal Book, hotline and email help parents and teacher always stay connected

Schedule and Menu are sent to parents monthly.

Discuss periodically children’s development and have a specific plan for children who need special support.

Outdoor activities for parents and children in Iris.