A handbook of parents

Foreign Language.

Two mice 1 large and small to go out to play, play delight. But on the way back, they suddenly met a cat. True, the narrow alley, the two rats running into the dead end, the cat in front of the cat.
“This time we are dead sure. Unfortunately, after death the family will not know where I die!” The rat said desperately.
At this moment, a bark of dogs barking. The big mouse shuddered, until the dog barked, he barely looked around, saw no dog silhouette, but just saw the little mouse rolled out laughing, it raised his eyes again. , Then the cat blocking the road earlier also ran away already.
The big mouse did not understand the little mouse how the tail end.
The little mouse smiled and said, “I mimicked the barking dog, scaring the cat away from his sandals.

Source: Extremely tender, very loving