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Eat not only to eat

It is not only time for children to satisfy their hunger after hours of learning and movement during the day, it is also a young time aware of the importance of food and learning many things in social interaction.
At IRIS every passing moment is a fun experience for kids. School meal is one such activity: Beside a rich menu, attractive enough to stimulate both the sight, smell and taste of the child, the way of organizing meals at IRIS also jaw It contains many things that parents can refer to for the same time for the family at dinner time.
At the IRIS lunch hour, children learn about sanitation and food hygiene: why wash hands with soap before eating, cleaning hands thoroughly before eating is important brain? The children will alternate each other during the meal, the baby will be her direct guide to test your hands after washing is clean? Is there any stain on my hands?


When the food is brought in, you and your teacher will check the condition of the food to bring about the temperature, hygiene of the tray, bowl, spoon and fork. The children also do not forget to thank the kitchen and kitchen assistant who has spent time and effort to cook good food. Thanks to that, you will cherish those who made the food and processed the delicious food.

Children in larger classes will set up their own tables, take their own trays and feed their own needs. The children learn the habit of patiently lining up waiting for their turn to take the food.

The children will invite her, invite you to eat, when eating will pay attention to not talk because while eating or talking can fall on food, or distraction with the surrounding. Eating time is limited so it is important to focus on enjoying the food.

Each child has a sense of orderly cleanliness, clean up their own food. Children are reminded that if one person spends one minute cleaning up his or her own tray, the cook will save a total of 10 minutes of work time, making it easy to clean up. Easier, less pressure.

In IRIS, children feel happy with food, ready to eat even the wrong foods, contributing to a healthy eating culture; The children learn and distinguish beneficial foods and foods that are not good for the body.

After finishing the meal, the children will come up with their own tray, put the spoon, throw the garbage in the process of eating at the designated place, wipe their mouth with towels, invite the class and teacher to eat deliciously, announce that they have finished eating .

When the cook came to collect the tray, the little girls who were on duty would be on hand on behalf of the tray transfer and thank you, as well as the thought of the lunch dishes in a polite, gentle way.


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